Tuesday, May 11, 2004

What Rupert will do with the money

Rupert Hopes to Start Charity with Winnings:
“When you win prize money, they do tax it at 48 percent - it's taxed high. I was a mentor, and I worked in mental health for twenty years and I've been a mentor with the Dawn project in Indianapolis and with the Department of Education and Department of Corrections. I've started a new organization called Kids Help - Kids Helping Each Other Live and Prosper - that is gonna take abandoned, distressed properties from the city, work on them with the kids and turn them back over to the kids. It's what I used to do - but I'm gonna do it on a larger scale,” said Rupert.

“When I - if I win a million dollars next Thursday a quarter of it will go to my non-profit charity. Talk about a kicker to start off a new program in Indy - that would be great!” he said.

His philosophy is a simple one: “If you don't want to do it, don't say it. But if you say it, do it.”

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